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I Love wikiHow, or, “this how to look in a club so boys will rock your life”

WikiHow is the greatest thing on the internet.

How To Look Simple Yet Stunning

Get some neon tee shirts from a thrift store.

If no handgrips or purses are available you can get a bookbag with glitter.

How To Stay In Love

4. Love the other person.

Oh, right!

How To Survive Under Martial Law

Things You’ll Need

  • Common Sense

Bolded emphasis not mine, but original. Indeed.

How To Share The Road With Cyclists

Don’t be in such a hurry.

How To Dress Up That Little Black Dress

Want to read the dowdiest style advice in the history of the internet?

3. Add pantyhose. Pantyhose even out your skin tone on your legs and provide the finishing touch to the look. For evening wear, sheer black or gray tinted pantyhose are an excellent choice.

Ew. By the end of this article, you will have put on pantyhose, jewelry (the plural), a belt, a scarf, gloves (white for daytime!), a bag, makeup matched to "the main color scheme arising from your accessories, shoes, and pantyhose" (that emphasis is mine HA), and headwear and hair accessories (they suggest a well-placed hat for, among other things, royal events).

Guys, how you dress up a little black dress is getting one that fits you and then putting on one awesome accessory, preferably either a family heirloom or something enormous and sparkly you bought at Claire’s. Tell ’em Melissa sent you.

Also, one of the girls in one of the pictures is wearing a dress that is decidedly blue.

How To Dress To Make Yourself Look Skinnier

Nail polish is very important.

How To Get Your Overly Sensitive Boyfriend To Dump You

Carefully consider whether this method is right for you. The steps below will cause your sensitive boyfriend a great deal of pain and trauma, much more than ending the relationship directly. It may even scar them permanently. Your mind must be made up that you want to cause this pain and trauma, or you may be unable to go through with it. This is also a good time to consider whether this is right for your relationship. Consider a direct break up. Using these steps as a first resort could backfire on you, causing strain between yourself and others, who may perceive you to be creating an abusive relationship.

Okay. Look. Okay.

How To Be Kind

Actually, I love this one.

Through being kind, you take a stand by affirming that caring for others, for our environment, for yourself is the right way to live life. It isn’t about immediate effectiveness; kindness is a lifestyle choice, a constant hum and rhythm accompanying every single thing that you think and do.


Rainy Day Etsy Crushes

It’s a rainy day and I am feeling uninspired, so I ran an etsy search for "sunshine" and let myself fall in love.

These yellow rings would make the perfect bright, tiny pop – a little happy every time you look down. If only. For some reason, I wore blue today.

From MyHeartBeads. The sizing is small and the description suggests you buy it for your little girl, but I’m thinking (this + romper + lots of eyeliner) x having one mimosa too many at brunch = perfection.

From JustJaynes. I would wear it every day. I am having trouble resisting, somebody buy it before I have to.

From liliFunambule. That backing is a cutout of a vintage postcard, I believe. Beautiful.

My New Favorite Movie

I didn’t bike because the weather was bad, I haven’t written because all I have to say is how frustrating I find family time, wah wah wah, blah blah blah.

Let’s talk about more important things.

Oh yes I did. Before we discuss how much I loved it, let me list a few other things I love: movies in which people sing and dance. Cher. Camp, glamor, and the delicate line between them. Not taking things too seriously.

So I loved this movie. They never made me listen to too many sassy one-liners or speeches about the virtue, intelligence, talent and beauty of Christina Aguilera’s character before cutting to the next musical number, and there were feathers, rhinestones, sequins and strings of faux pearls galore. My mother and I were talking about it afterwards and she said, “I don’t want to say it’s better than I expected, because… but…”

And I said, “It was exactly what you expected – just awesomer!”

It was probably Cher. And Stanley Tucci. New life goal: give Stanley Tucci a hug.

And since it made me happy, I’ve been combing the internet for burlesque style inspiration. My love for the form is well-documented, and there are some touches I like to wear a lot – especially sweet, girly feathered hair flowers.┬áBut my Official Thanksgiving Etsy Crush is this right here, from olgaitaly.

So pretty. And even named Melissa. Get your ass up and show me how you burlesque!