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Excelsior! Brooklyn in the Details

Weekend in Brooklyn! Hung out, ate bagels, admired bicycles and puppies, rocked a vintage pinafore dress in which I usually feel too precious. Like ya do.

I call this one "pocket watch and solo cup." Oh, fashion. In DC, preppy and functional reign supreme, the hipster kids always color inside the lines and good thrift and vintage is hard to find. I’m not down on it – I like that a little flair goes a long way – but I do love going somewhere with more character and getting to look around. We went to Re-Dress, a plus-size resale boutique, and I was bowled over by the sheer personality of it all.

Dear New York bicyclists, why does it seem more of you ride against the auto traffic than with it? I’m not judging – well, I’m judging a little – but mostly I’m just curious. Please advise.

On this trip, I found myself in a few places familiar from movie scenes that I haven’t been to in a while or ever – Times Square, Park Slope, the Q train underground and over the river. The streetscapes give you that TV-or-real-life vertigo. It happens in downtown DC, too, especially around the Capitol, Pennsylvania Avenue and the White House, and often when I’m running or biking around that area I entertain elaborate political thriller fantasies about saving Justices or Senators from right-wing extremists. In New York I don’t have such a strong narrative to anchor it to – mostly it feels like someone is trying to sell me something – but I can see how enough of it would make you feel famous, powerful, as if you must Twitter immediately because your public needs to know what’s on your mind. (Or write in your blog, perhaps.)