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Sugar, December, Yoga

Strike up the New Year’s Resolutions yall, because I have hit my limit. I managed a couple weeks of bike-inspired eating right, and then the deluge of holiday alcohol and sweets swept me right under. I had a little bite-size cookie this afternoon and it was the exactly wrong teaspoon of sugar, the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Which is all to say – I feel sick. And perhaps also – green salaaaaaaad.

Why does this happen every year? The time changes and it’s dark when I leave work in the afternoon, and then it’s a four-month uphill battle to be anything except sluggish and moody, buzzing and crashing my way to Spring.

I am telling you I will not stand for it! This is my year, the year I fell in love and got a raise and had civil interactions with my family, so it can be the year I get some exercise and eat some vegetables and go out to do things and am not hungover every daylight hour of every Saturday and Sunday. These are simple aspirations, even if everything seems difficult in 30 degree weather.

Here’s my tiny next right thing, so you can hold me to it – for the next seven days in a row, I’m going to do ten minutes of yoga each morning and afternoon. Even if I just stretch the achy bike muscles, even if I just lie there in savasana – ten minutes, twice a day, seven days. Next stop, the moon.


My First Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah!

My girlfriend is Jewish, so with her I get to observe my first official Hanukkah. I knew what a dreidel was, but not how to play. I knew about the oil in the temple, but not about the Maccabees. I’ve had geld, but never after melting it over the menorah a little bit.

So the whole ritual – with all the violent bits and the most purely religious parts they leave out of the story when they do the perfunctory Hanukkah lesson in elementary school – was interesting and lovely. We did candles, sweetly sung Hebrew prayers, presents, candy, dreidel, a littleĀ Maccabeats and, of course, Monday Night Football.

No? Just us? Okay then.

The rest of Hanukkah might overlap some with the process of putting up my metric ton of Christmas decorations. I feel more averse to the work and mess every year, but my girlfriend hasn’t ever done that stuff and is excited about it – a circle, I guess. She can decorate a gingerbread house while I play with the menorah, the perfect holiday evening.