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January Resolution: To-Do

I rang in the new year with a rough cold and have had little to say. I still made my January resolution, though….

This very frightening to-do has been on my list for a long time. I think the dentist I had as a kid wasn’t very good, and then I didn’t go at all in college even though my teeth weren’t mature enough to take that time off. Now every dental appointment is a terrifying, painful lecture session that precedes a terrifying, painful and expensive surgery. It’s embarrassing, too – I mean, who has bad teeth anymore?

All the fear and pain and embarrassment creates a lot of procrastination, and my January resolution was to make the appointment. It ruined my day – I keep having scary visions of dental torture and weird physical jolts, like daytime hypnic jerks – but anyway the appointment is made. Check! I’ll have to think of a fun one for February….


New Year’s Resolution Action Plan

It’s that time of year again, I suppose. I generally do some odd, half-hearted attempts at New Year’s resolutions. I do love a goal, a project, a challenge, most of the forms resolutions take, but each year I seem to struggle.

Realistically, I manage my money and weight at a pretty regular equilibrium, neither putting myself in any shocking danger nor keeping any virtuous habits for long. I am much happier maintaining this equilibrium than abusing myself for imperfections real or perceived and I am not going to commit to a year of such self-abuse no matter what it is called.

Also, I feel like my life changes too much each year to make any sort of year-long plan. Certainly since the beginning of college, I have found myself at the end of each year someplace completely different from where I started, and it looks like this year is going to do the same thing. Maybe one day, when I’m older, this will slow down. Maybe?

Anyway, I’ve come up with a new New Year’s resolution plan for this year that I think is going to achieve unprecedented heights of fabulousness – twelve resolutions. I’m going to pick a mini goal or project for each month in 2011, and end the year a holistic well-rounded spectacular new woman. (Maybe?)

This way I can do some fun ones and some serious ones, be flexible and keep doing things that are important to me. I’m not planning them out in advance, except that I think I’m going to do something really easy in January, a gimme so I can lay a foundation for success. I think that kind of gentle cheat will be the overriding theme of my twelve resolutions project – but that’s okay, we’re only here for fun.

Sugar, December, Yoga

Strike up the New Year’s Resolutions yall, because I have hit my limit. I managed a couple weeks of bike-inspired eating right, and then the deluge of holiday alcohol and sweets swept me right under. I had a little bite-size cookie this afternoon and it was the exactly wrong teaspoon of sugar, the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Which is all to say – I feel sick. And perhaps also – green salaaaaaaad.

Why does this happen every year? The time changes and it’s dark when I leave work in the afternoon, and then it’s a four-month uphill battle to be anything except sluggish and moody, buzzing and crashing my way to Spring.

I am telling you I will not stand for it! This is my year, the year I fell in love and got a raise and had civil interactions with my family, so it can be the year I get some exercise and eat some vegetables and go out to do things and am not hungover every daylight hour of every Saturday and Sunday. These are simple aspirations, even if everything seems difficult in 30 degree weather.

Here’s my tiny next right thing, so you can hold me to it – for the next seven days in a row, I’m going to do ten minutes of yoga each morning and afternoon. Even if I just stretch the achy bike muscles, even if I just lie there in savasana – ten minutes, twice a day, seven days. Next stop, the moon.

Venus Direct

Venus goes direct tomorrow, so I’m hoping it will burn away this little Eeyore cloud I’ve been under. Nothing in particular is wrong – I just feel a little weird and pensive lately, inarticulate in conversation and listless at work, trying too hard to enjoy lovely things like my raise and my bicycle and cool fall weather and brunches. But of course I am a Libra and my ruling planet has been retrograde, and there is nothing wrong with slowing down when that happens. (Unless you are perhaps a Saturn-ruled Capricorn, does Saturn go retrograde for months at a time?)

Astrology = science. You can tell because it says “logy.”

Anyway. Any excuse for a fresh start.

The little muse that wants me to write more, read more, listen to more music and take more pictures has been speaking up recently. I try every now and then – most recently at the beginning of this year, when I went to therapy for two sessions and the therapist told me to get a journal and stop coming to his office – but it’s hard to find the space and time, discipline and inspiration.

Of course it’s hard. Maybe you do it anyway. Little goals – take a picture every day, check in with yourself around lunchtime to see if there’s anything you want to write about.

Actually. Let’s start with those two, and make a list, a stage for the little muse under Venus direct:

  • Take a picture every day.
  • Check in around lunchtime to see if there’s anything you want to write about.
  • Do something outside on the weekend, even once it gets cold out.
  • Stretch.
  • Work on the epic ¼ finished sock knitting project in the living room.
  • Cook new recipes.
  • Be excellent – not just adequate – at work.
  • Spend your money on elegant and valuable things and experiences. (I first typed “don’t buy garbage you don’t want” but decided to keep it positive – I do like the poetry of the original, though.)
  • Don’t turn the television or computer on when you first walk in the house – read a book in the evenings.
  • Drink a cup of water for each of coffee.

I try not to fall into the vicious cycle of Meeting All The Adult Responsibilities At Once and then falling off the wagon into a bed of cheetos and Facebook updates – just take care of one little adult errand or need at a time – so I think that’s a start. Which means, excuse me, I’m going to go get a cup of water.