Venus Direct

Venus goes direct tomorrow, so I’m hoping it will burn away this little Eeyore cloud I’ve been under. Nothing in particular is wrong – I just feel a little weird and pensive lately, inarticulate in conversation and listless at work, trying too hard to enjoy lovely things like my raise and my bicycle and cool fall weather and brunches. But of course I am a Libra and my ruling planet has been retrograde, and there is nothing wrong with slowing down when that happens. (Unless you are perhaps a Saturn-ruled Capricorn, does Saturn go retrograde for months at a time?)

Astrology = science. You can tell because it says “logy.”

Anyway. Any excuse for a fresh start.

The little muse that wants me to write more, read more, listen to more music and take more pictures has been speaking up recently. I try every now and then – most recently at the beginning of this year, when I went to therapy for two sessions and the therapist told me to get a journal and stop coming to his office – but it’s hard to find the space and time, discipline and inspiration.

Of course it’s hard. Maybe you do it anyway. Little goals – take a picture every day, check in with yourself around lunchtime to see if there’s anything you want to write about.

Actually. Let’s start with those two, and make a list, a stage for the little muse under Venus direct:

  • Take a picture every day.
  • Check in around lunchtime to see if there’s anything you want to write about.
  • Do something outside on the weekend, even once it gets cold out.
  • Stretch.
  • Work on the epic ¼ finished sock knitting project in the living room.
  • Cook new recipes.
  • Be excellent – not just adequate – at work.
  • Spend your money on elegant and valuable things and experiences. (I first typed “don’t buy garbage you don’t want” but decided to keep it positive – I do like the poetry of the original, though.)
  • Don’t turn the television or computer on when you first walk in the house – read a book in the evenings.
  • Drink a cup of water for each of coffee.

I try not to fall into the vicious cycle of Meeting All The Adult Responsibilities At Once and then falling off the wagon into a bed of cheetos and Facebook updates – just take care of one little adult errand or need at a time – so I think that’s a start. Which means, excuse me, I’m going to go get a cup of water.