January Resolution: To-Do

I rang in the new year with a rough cold and have had little to say. I still made my January resolution, though….

This very frightening to-do has been on my list for a long time. I think the dentist I had as a kid wasn’t very good, and then I didn’t go at all in college even though my teeth weren’t mature enough to take that time off. Now every dental appointment is a terrifying, painful lecture session that precedes a terrifying, painful and expensive surgery. It’s embarrassing, too – I mean, who has bad teeth anymore?

All the fear and pain and embarrassment creates a lot of procrastination, and my January resolution was to make the appointment. It ruined my day – I keep having scary visions of dental torture and weird physical jolts, like daytime hypnic jerks – but anyway the appointment is made. Check! I’ll have to think of a fun one for February….

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