Errrbody Dougie

This Friday is clearly meant for dancing.

I spent last night with my girlfriend and her friend I at I’s house, practicing my Dougie and Get Silly. Let me tell you, I have not a dance party in front of YouTube videos in far too long. This morning, my Today Show-loving boss hijacked the office for half an hour so we could watch Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera do Black Eyed Peas and OK Go dances. (We are in the business of video production. It’s research.) And I’ll be leaving work early to catch a bus to Brooklyn for a birthday party.

My old friend binge-drinking and I have drifted apart this year – our relationship has always been volatile and I don’t miss the drama. Sadly, though, I seem to have lost dancing like a video ho/pathetic white girl in the process, and I do miss that.

I’ve already told my sister to prep for lots of dance practice over Thanksgiving – she’s a fifth-grade teacher in the hood, so she knows a lot about sweet dance moves. This weekend, along with the brunches and delicious, delicious sarcasm I anticipate, I just want to shake shake shake until all the tension is gone.

Talk to you later. I have to teach my desk how to dougie.

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