Bike-Commuting Hipster Tool

I wrote a letter about bike lanes to the city council today, oh yes I did. I can’t decide if I feel awesome or like a tool about it. I do know that I was sitting at my desk fuming about the two police cars blocking my lanes so volunteers could solicit donations from cars at the stoplight until I wrote it all out, got it out of my head and moved on with my morning – clearly the best thing the city council has to do with their day is let me unload so I can feel better about mine.

I say that with sarcasm, but maybe it is truer than I want to know.

In fact the most notable bike moment of the morning had nothing to do with claiming my space. Earlier, as I waited at a light, an older woman at a bus stop looked me up and down and smiled so warmly and beatifically you’d think I was cruising down the street just handin’ out puppies and kissin’ on babies. Farrah is a red 1971 Schwinn Suburban with a Toto basket, still radiating the adorable energy of the adorable hipster roommate I bought her from, and if I wear something bright or retro or just the right amount of quirkily mismatched, we can make quite a pair. Anything worth doing is worth doing stylishly – maybe you will be so cute you make some lady’s day.

Then again, maybe she was just pleased to see me stop for the red light.

I think all the biking this fall is what makes me want to take more pictures. Although I know neither me nor my camera nor the medium of photography could adequately capture the beauty of the city’s elegant old rowhouses and bright red and gold trees from the perspective of the bicycle, when I’m gliding through the sun with the wind in my hair I get so wrapped up in it all that I want to try.

I did take some pictures last night while waiting outside for my girlfriend to come home and unlock her house, mostly to check out the night setting on my camera and make sure I took a photo that day. (Goal!) They are silly and tragic – night setting requires a tripod.

Farrah models the night setting. Tragically.

I’ve been thinking of trying to keep my camera accessible while I’m commuting. It’s a little scary to imagine seeing and framing good pictures while moving, stopping and starting, balancing, keeping myself, Farrah and the camera safe, and not being the total douchelord who stops in the middle of the road, but I suppose photography favors the brave.

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